My name is Chris Sjafiroeddin.
This is my work as a graphic designer.

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It all begins with a thought. That thought is put into words. Those words are put into action - this is the process of creation. There's nothing more fulfilling to me than creating through a medium to express myself or to bring another's ideas to life.

My name is Chris Sjafiroeddin. I've been designing professionally since 2008. I have an extensive background in the print industry and have spent most of my adult life in and around print shops. I take pride in my graphic design abilities and thoroughly enjoy manifesting ideas into reality. With my academic background, real-world experience, and a knack for being a "Why Guy," I believe I have a formidable skill set for my profession.


Logo Design, Identity, Package Design, Style Guides


Website Design, Social Media Advertisement, Photo Manipulation, Vectorizing


Apparel, Vehicle Wraps, Posters, Labelling


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